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Audio Visual Installation in Manchester

Fathom IT specialise in audio visual installation in Manchester and throughout Greater Manchester. Companies deserve facilities that empower employee experience, promote business objectives and enable the consumption of information. To compete in the modern marketplace, more and more companies are making the switch to integrated audio/video systems. Similar to the systems that consumers install at home, commercial audio/video systems transform an environment, bringing many benefits to the workplace and the way people interact with multimedia.

Transforming the Workplace Experience

Audio/video systems (A/V Systems) enhance the workplace in many ways. From intuitive interfaces and convenient controls, to connectivity and communication, A/V Systems shape the workplace experience. Some benefits include:

  • Company-wide audio
  • Video conferencing and chat
  • Scaleable event and presentation equipment
  • Overhead paging systems
  • Digital satellite or internet radio
  • Sound masking solutions
  • Audio/video systems not only improve the functionality of your facility and workplace experience for employees, they also provide better usability for customers.

Facilities with an integrated audio/video system educate, entertain and enlighten. Beyond updating internal classrooms and training rooms, commercial audio/video differentiates your facility from the competition. Hosting a kickoff or conference in a dazzling facility with advanced multimedia options may be the pivot-point on a major account or stakeholder. A/V Systems create facilities worth flaunting.

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