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Data Cabling in Manchester and Throughout The North West by Fathom IT

At Fathom IT, we’ve built a formidable reputation for providing reliable, high performance when it comes to data cabling in Greater Manchester for a variety of small, medium and large businesses, as well as domestic projects. We’re able to provide in depth consultations for any business in any industry in need of our data cabling services, and we’re confident that we’re able to add both expertise and value on any project you have in mind.

Whether you require a completely new cabling system from scratch, need a complete overhaul or simply require some optimisation of your existing network’ or perhaps consultancy services, our highly experienced team is on hand to meet your requirements.

Companies deserve facilities that empower employee experience, promote business objectives and enable the consumption of information. To compete in the modern marketplace, more and more companies are making the switch to integrated audio/video systems. Similar to the systems that consumers install at home, commercial audio/video systems transform an environment, bringing many benefits to the workplace and the way people interact with multimedia.

The significance of data protection law continues to grow and raises issues of fundamental importance to individuals, businesses and organisations. Kingsley Napley helps individuals and business negotiate this complicated area of law, ensuring personal data is protected and helping to manage the consequences when it is not.

Cat 6 Cabling in Manchester

Need Cat 6 cabling? At Fathom IT, our highly experienced technicians will ensure that your home or business’ cabling infrastructure is not only up to date but also allows you to make the very most of your equipment.

Network Cabling in Manchester

At Fathom IT, we’re experts in providing network cabling in Manchester and throughout the North West. As offices & homes become more connected, it’s essential that you have a safe, secure network which performs to the highest standards.

Office Cabling in Manchester

Need office cabling in Manchester? Computers are an integral part of any business. All companies rely on computers to handle their business. To allow things to flow smoothly its essential your computers are linked to a network Fathom IT undertake this data cabling. The extent of data cabling varies from business to business but all businesses need to ensure a reliable and cost effective solution that will stand the test of time.

Structured Cabling in Manchester

At Fathom IT, we specialise in providing structured cabling in Manchester and throughout the North West, for small and large businesses alike. Are you a business owner or building manager? ‘structured cabling is essential within your office or facility. Operate multiple electronic devices computers, telephones, printers, Wireless access points , TVs, scanners. All devices connected through the structured cabling.

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